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To be able to power our revolutionary hosting platform, we had to build an identical range of hardware and network solutions, which in turn needed to be placed into proper Datacenter Facilities. For this reason, we meticulously selected and opted for some of the best acclaimed Datacenter Facilities around the globe, spanned throughout different different continents.

In each Datacenter Facility we have installed a custom made internal network, assembled with top notch components that enables for extra swift connection speeds. We’ve additionally installed a lot of physical anti–DDoS units, in order to decrease all potential outages for your personal sites. In every Datacenter Facility, we provide a 99.9% network uptime warranty!

Our Datacenter Facilities

If you would like offer your site visitors the top practical experience possible, you’ll want to host your website actually closer to them. In this manner, you will not only provide them better connection rates, but you will be substantially simpler to locate, since you will achieve greater rankings on their search engine results.

Aggarwal Business Solutions Limited offers you several Datacenter Facilities to decide on:

the data center in the USA in Chicago – go for it if you’ll target customers who reside in the United States, Canada and Latin America;

the data center in the United Kingdom in Coventry – go for it if you’ll focus on customers in the United Kingdom, the rest of Europe and Africa;

the data center in Finland in Pori – opt for the Finnish data center if you want to create a customer base in Russia or perhaps in Northern and Central Europe, or if that's where your current clients reside in.

the data center in Eastern Europe in Sofia, Bulgaria – select it if you’ll focus on site visitors from Eastern Europe, in countries like Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey, Romania, Ukraine, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Armenia, etc.

the data center in Australia in Sydney – select it if you are likely to aim for site visitors residing in Australia, Oceania and Asia.

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